I guess most of you prefer using a console to using the mouse or inefficient user interfaces. Marcus, too. That's why he created "Wireshell - an extendable ProcessWire command line interface".

This extension for your console allows you to use Processwire over the command line. You can even setup a new installation with just one command. How awesome is this?!

How to use

Wireshell requires Composer and a local PHP installation >= 5.4.0.

  1. Download and install Composer (if it isn't on your system already), globally:https://getcomposer....tro.md#globally
  2. Run 
    $ composer global require wireshell/wireshell
  3. Add Wireshell to your system path: export PATH="$HOME/.composer/vendor/bin:$PATH" in .bashrc(or similar) on unix-based systems, and%appdata%\Composer\vendor\wireshell\wireshell on Windows.
  4. You should be able to run $ wireshell or $ php wireshell now.

In step 4 is not working just run "source .bashrc" in your commandline and try again.

Learn more about Wireshell

Availabel commands: https://github.com/marcus-herrmann/wireshell

Forum post: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/9494-wireshell-an-extendable-processwire-command-line-interface/

P.S.: Looks like you can generate modules in the near future, too :)