The End of the F***ing World

Spoiler Warning: This article might contain some information that you don't want to know before you watched the series.

If you use Netflix you know that there are loads and loads of series to watch and new ones popping up every day. And from time to time I watch one of them - so I thought about writing an article about at least the serieses I started watching (and finished) in 2018 so far ("Ugly delicious", "Everything Sucks!", "Altered Carbon", "Casa de Papel", "Mindhunter", "The End of the F***ing World"). But that would be a rather long article and I think most of those series deserve their own article (I mean if I spend 10h waching a series I can spend an hour or so to write an article about it). 

So the first series that I really enjoyed and that you might have not seen so far out of those is "The End of the F***ing World":

The underlying story is a more or less typical "coming out of age" story (not sure if this is the right genre but I think so): Two teenagers decide to run away together, take a car and go for a road trip. What makes everything a little more interesting is that one of the protagonists, James, is kind of a psychopath and is only agreeing to take that trip because he wants to kill his companion. I think at this point I won't spoiler the story any further.

What made me really like the series is that in addition to hear the main characters talking to each other sometimes you hear their thoughts as well. Like in times where both actually would rather go home but keep pushing each other because they don't want to admit that fact to each other. This is something I haven't seen in many other series so far - at least not that well made.

Furthermore I really like to watch movies or series that are not about saving the world and/or whatever-man/-woman (all that Marvel, DC and whatever crap) but just play in a smaller area and focus on relations between the characters instead of trying to sell those over ambiguous stories that are already told a million times.

So go ahead and stream it on Netflix or wherever. I think each episode is just 20 minutes so it shouldn't take to long to watch the whole series.