Bachelor's Thesis

After studying IT System Engineering at the Hasso Plattner Institute for 3.5 years I (hopefully) finished my studies now with a Bachelor of Science. At the moment I'm waiting for my last grades but I guess it should be at least passed and I already got the grades for my Bachelor's Thesis last year. So today is the day that all of you get the chance to have a look at it and eventhough it's too late to include you're feedback it's much appreciated :)

The topic of my thesis is "Using Embedded React to enable complex yet performant web applications". If this doesn't ring any bells for you maybe the abstract helps you to understand the topic a little bit better:

With a growing need of software that solves complex tasks, elaborateness and size of software keeps increasing. Many libraries and frameworks have been produced in recent years to ease the implementation but often they are used in the wrong places which makes applications less perfomant and less reliable. In this paper the two commonly used libraries/frameworks Express and React get evaluated based on complexity and performance. In conclusion "Embedded React" is presented as a way to combine the advantages of both technologies.

So if you're still (or now even more) interested in reading it - here you go: Bachelor Thesis.pdf